Rheumatology and Physiotheraphy

Box of BioFolic

BioFolic - 60 Tablets

L-methyl-folate, active form of Folic acid. Supports normal homocysteine levels. Recommended for women planning pregnancy, during pregnancy and for individuals on methotrexate and those with MTHFR genetic mutation.

One tablet daily.

Box of Forte Hydra Lemon

Forte Hydra - 30 Sachets

Oral hydration with citrates to restore electrolytes and fluid levels when an individual is dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhoea, prolonged heat exposure or excessive alcohol consumption.

Dissolve 1 sachet in 200ml of water. Take 1-3 sachets a day.

Box of Forte Hydra Active

Forte Hydra Active - 30 Sachets

An oral hydration solution with vitamins and minerals prevents dehydration in active individuals with hectic jobs or lifestyles, recreational athletes, or active sports people.

Dissolve 1 sachet in 500ml of water.

Forte Hydra Balance

Forte Hydra Balance - 20 Tablets

Oral hydration solution with vitamin B2 to boost energy and prevent dehydration from heat or sun exposure or excessive sweating.

Dissolve two effervescent tablets in 200ml of cool water.   

Box of ForteMag B

Forte Mag B - 60 Tablets

Highly absorbable form of Magnesium citrate, high potency for muscle cramps, bone health, stress, insomnia.

One tablet daily.

Box of ForteNerve B

ForteNerve B - 30 Tablets

High potency of three carefully selected B vitamins to support a healthy nervous system, reduce discomfort from neuralgia or neuritis and prevent diabetic neuropathy.

One tablet daily.

Box of Forte D 4000 60 Tablets

Forte D 4000 - 60/120 Tablets

High potency vitamin D3 for correction of vitamin D deficiency.

One tablet daily.

Box of Forte D 10000

Forte D 10000 - 30 Tablets

High potency vitamin D3 for correction of vitamin D deficiency.

One tablet daily under the instruction of health care professional for one to two months.

bottle of Super Once a Day 30 Tablets

Super Once A Day - 30/90 Tablets

All-in-one high-potency multi-mineral, multi-vitamin formula for correcting dietary intake in sportspersons, vegetarians, elderly people, and dieters. It reduces tiredness, fatigue, and stress, improves immunity, and supports optimal well-being.

One tablet a day.

Box of Ubiquinol

Ubiquinol QU10 - 30 Tablets

Highly bioavailable, active form CoQ10 high potency, reducing statin caused myopathy and muscle weekness, for athletic endurance, heart health.

One to two tablets daily.