TOPIALYSE Micellar Oil Wash

SKU Code: S1002017


400 ml. - Soap-free lipid-restoring cleansing bath & shower oil for dry, sensitive & eczema prone skin. Intensely nourishes & hydrates and reduces tightness & itching. Suitable for the whole family from new-born up. The all-round cleanser that replaces all others: shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo, intimate hygiene, face and hand cleanser, in-shower make-up remover. Does not irritate eyes. TOPIALYSE Micellar Oil Wash is an effective cleanser and forms the first step in your skincare routine to calm irritation and itching. This luxurious oil is rich in lipid-replenishing and moisturizing actives to intensely nourish the skin, maintain the acid mantle and protect against external aggressors (cold, friction, central heating) as well as the drying effects of hard water. The silky enveloping oil texture provides 24-hour hydration for immediate and long-lasting comfort. Skin is soft and delicately scented - it's the whole family's favourite product! VOLUNTEERS LOVED IT! • 100% said it relieved itching caused by dry skin 2 • 100% said their skin was intensely nourished and calmed with long-lasting effects 2





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