SUN SECURE Water Shake SPF50+

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200 ml. - The first very high sun protection water that is biodegradable and respects the marine environment! For years, dermatologists and brands have released countless campaigns to raise awareness about skin cancer and encourage people to protect themselves, yet today, just one in three French people(2) apply sunscreen whenever they are in the sun. We wanted to understand why, so we shared with our consumers! They gave two main reasons (aside from “couldn’t be bothered” or “forgot”): • Too greasy and sticky • The negative reputation of chemical filters: some are suspected of being endocrine disruptors, some are bad for the marine environment, and others suspected to irritate the skin. Our solution: to come up with the ideal sun protection product! Our R&D teams worked hard to create an impressive formula: The SPF50+ very high sun protection water is fresh and imperceptible on the skin, biodegradable, and has just three sun filters. To achieve this, the team rigorously selected preventively filters that are not subject to controversy in order to offer innovative sun protection. The first product in our new Sun Secure range to benefit from our new SUN SECURE TECHNOLOGY guarantees very high dermatological protection and targets all types of rays(3) : No more excuses for not applying sun protection: its bi-phase texture is composed of 40% aqueous phase which lighten the 60% oily phase containing the filters, to create the perfect alliance of a fresh texture , light and invisible! An addictive texture that we will love to apply and reapply constantly! Plus: it can be used in the sea! It has passed the OECD 301F biodegradability tests, as well as eco-toxicity tests on algae (ISO 10253) and aquatic invertebrates (ISO 14669) – two species that belong to the zooplankton and phytoplankton families, which are essential to the healthy growth of corals. Boosting this sunscreen’s green credentials is its bottle, made from 25% recycled plastic! Remember to recycle. The pump can be unscrewed and can be recycled in some districts. Does not irritate eyes. Very water-resistant, rub- and sweat-resistant. PROVEN EFFECTS UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL: • 100%4 said it had a light, easy to apply texture • 95%4 said it had a satin, comfortable finish • 95%4 said it left their skin soft and smooth • +37%5 hydration 30 minutes after application





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