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250 ml. - SUN SECURE INNOVATION: TRANSPARENT UVB + UVA + VISIBLE + INFRARED PROTECTION Sun Secure patent(1) : four years of research to invent the ideal filter combination that delivers very high sun protection while respecting the marine environment. SUN SECURE Milk SPF 50+ offers very high dermatological protection thanks to this new patented filter(1) combination that respects the marine environment and evaluated endocrine mechanisms(1) . With no compromise on the luxurious texture! Invisible finish: no white cast. A fluid, creamy milk that is particularly suited to balanced-dry skin. The velvety texture melts into skin, leaving a hydrating, non-greasy film. The delicate summery scent will make you want to reapply it frequently! Water-resistant, sweat-resistant, rub-resistant. More! SUN SECURE Milk SPF 50+respects the marine environment. It has passed biodegradability tests based on OECD standard 301F, as well as eco-toxicity tests on algae (ISO 10253) and aquatic invertebrates (ISO 14669). These two species belong to the zooplankton and phytoplankton families, which are essential to the healthy growth of corals. Click here for more information on our tests! PROVEN EFFICACY * UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL 100 % said their skin was hydrated, soft and comfortable 100% said it prevented skin dryness 91% said the texture penetrated rapidly





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