SUN SECURE Blur Tinted SPF50+

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50 ml. - Sun Secure patent(1): four years of research to create the ideal filter combination to provide very high sun protection while respecting the most sensitive skin and the marine environment(2). SUN SECURE Blur SPF50+ Tinted offers very high sun protection in a magical tinted mousse texture! Its sun-kissed tint highlights, unifies and brightens the complexion for a natural radiant finish that suits most skin tones. The creamy mousse texture instantly melts into the skin to blur and soften imperfections, leaving the skin incredibly velvety. It is an excellent makeup base with added very high dermatological protection. Very water resistant. Sweat and rub resistant. Even more environmentally responsible: SUN SECURE Blur SPF50+ Tinted respects the marine environment. It has passed ecotoxicity tests on algae (ISO 10253) and aquatic invertebrates (ISO 14669). These two species belong to the zooplankton and phytoplankton families, which are essential for healthy coral growth. Click here for more information about our tests More environmentally responsible packaging that is lighter and thinner. We have reduced the amount of plastic used by 20%. This tube is made from 30% recycled plastic. Remember to recycle. PROVEN EFFICACY(3) UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL 100% of users said it gave a light and natural coverage 100% said it gave an instant glow 100% said it beautified their skin 90% said it evened their complexion and blurred imperfections




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