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200 ml. - An essential post-exposure treatment, SUN SECURE After-Sun Milk is a soothing, moisturizing, multi-repairing treatment that is suitable for the whole family! Its unctuous gel-cream texture melts on the skin and provides an immediate sensation of freshness to soothe skin that has become overheated and dry from the sun. Its aloe vera* based formula moisturises the skin and soothes the sensation of overheating. Niacinamide and microbiotic ferments help to repair the damage caused by exposure. The skin is repaired, nourished and silky smooth, and the tan is prolonged. Its fresh summer fragrance allows you to enjoy your summer evenings to the full. Its advantage? A formula with 97% natural ingredients. Another gesture for the planet: its pack is lighter and thinner. We have managed to reduce the plastic used by 25%. Don't forget to sort it. EFFECTIVENESS** PROVEN UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL 95% Skin is nourished, comfortable and soothed 95% Acts against skin dryness and flaking 91% Intensely repairs 86% Immediate freshness and reduced sensations of heat





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