Sun Cleanance SPF 50+

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50 ml. - Cleanance Solaire SPF 50+ offers ultra-broad spectrum sun protection. This treatment is ideal for protecting oily skin with imperfections on a daily basis. With Monolaurin, a sebum-reducing active ingredient, it provides a significant reduction in spots and helps prevent the appearance of marks due to sun exposure. Cleanance Solaire 50+ leaves an imperceptible, non-shiny finish on the skin upon application and constitutes an excellent daily makeup base. Its formula is also water resistant. This sun treatment incorporates TriAsorB™, an ultra-broad spectrum sun filter that protects against UV rays and blue light, which accelerate skin aging and the formation of pigment spots. This innovation allows an 89% reduction in cellular damage induced by solar radiation** and thus contributes to effectively combating sun damage and visible skin damage. Developed to minimize the impact on the marine environment, numerous tests have proven that it is non-toxic on 3 key species of marine biodiversity: a species of coral, one of phytoplankton and one of zooplankton***; at concentrations representative of those found in the environment. Its eco-designed bottle is reduced in plastic, recyclable and contains 64% recycled plastic (excluding capsule), and is thus fully in line with the reasoned and ethical approach of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique.





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