SPIRIAL Deo Anti-Perspirant Spray

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75 ml. - Compressed deodorant with intense 48-hour* antiperspirant action, even in extreme situations (sport, stress, etc.). Formulated with a high concentration of sweat-regulating agents, it controls perspiration, absorbs humidity and combats unpleasant odours. Very well tolerated. The dry finish immediately leaves the skin soft and comfortable with no white marks. Plus: the compressed travel size contains half the gas of a standard spray – the same amount of product but kinder to the environment. * 48-hour anti-odour, anti-dampness. Usage test, 22 volunteers, 22 days VOLUNTEERS LOVE IT(1)! 100% said it left a fresh feeling with a dry finish 90% said it prevented unpleasant body odours 85% said it reduced excessive sweating





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