SENSIFINE AR Anti-Redness Daily Cream SPF50+

SKU Code: S1028416


50 ml. - Do redness and small blood vessels appear on your face after your sensitive skin is exposed to the sun? Sensifine AR Anti-Redness Daily Cream SPF50+ combines very high sun protection with soothing and anti-redness actives. Even when skin is exposed to the sun, redness and flushing are reduced. Hypoallergenic. Proven efficacy under dermatological control. PROVEN EFFICACY ON SENSITIVE ROSACEA-PRONE SKIN : • 96% said the product immediately soothed their skin(1) • 74% said the product relieved redness(1) • 71% said their complexion was more even-toned(2) PROVEN EFFICACY AFTER A PEEL TREATMENT • 86% said the product durably soothed their skin(3)





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