SENSIFINE AR Anti-Redness Cream

SKU Code: S1028216


40 ml. - A long-acting gel cream that turns down the heat on redness! Because skin affected by redness has a problem with temperature regulation, Sensifine AR Anti-Redness Cream instantly puts out the fire with a lasting soothing effect. Enriched with green pigments, redness is neutralized to even out skin tone. Formulated for dry skin, Sensifine AR Anti-Redness Cream has a 24-hour (1) soothing and hydrating action. • Temperature-regulating effect measured for 20 minutes: significantly lowered skin temperature (1) • Reduced redness: 43% (2) • Immediate and lasting comfort: 100% (2) • Lasting soothing effect on skin: 100% (3) Nine out of ten women want to replace their usual moisturizer with SENSIFINE AR Anti-Redness Cream (3)





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