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40 ml. - When skin is exposed to the sun, it thickens. Pores become clogged, and microcysts and comedones form. After sun exposure, spots and marks can appear. SEBIACLEAR SPF50+ Face Sun Protection Cream is a new hybrid formula that offers sun protection and skincare in one product. It reduces imperfections and blackheads, mattifies the complexion, and prevents brown and red marks and the rebound effect caused by UV. Its new 8-hour hydrating texture absorbs easily and mattifies skin, making it ideal as a day cream. PROVEN EFFICACY ON ACNE-PRONE SKIN : 37% less sebum(1) after 8 hours (1) Results measured after 28 days: • Reduces imperfections (comedones and retentional spots) (2) • Reduces shine (3). New benefits: SEBIACLEAR SPF50+ Face Sun Protection Cream has been reformulated to be even kinder to your skin and our planet : • SVR patented sunscreen (4) : four years of research to invent the ideal filter combination that delivers very high dermatological sun protection against UVB + UVA + visible light + infrared while respecting the marine environment. With no compromise on its efficacy or luxurious texture! • The new tube is designed for easy application and is eco-responsible. It is made from 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.





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