SEBIACLEAR Ampoule [AZ] Flash

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30 ml. - For all sensitised acne-prone skin-types. Tackles bumps, breakouts, redness, spots, and blemishes. Suitable from age 10. Acne-prone skin is damaged and irritated, which can cause it to become sensitised, leading to a vicious cycle of acne. This weakened skin needs effective soothing and rebalancing, rather than aggressive treatment. Striking a balance between efficacy and sensitive skin tolerability, SVR has formulated this treatment with 15% azelaic acid, recognised keratolytic, anti-inflammatory dermatological active. Combined with salicylic acid, zinc and niacinamide, SEBIACLEAR Ampoule Flash unclogs skin deep-down and visibly reduces imperfections and redness in record time. Its lightweight milky texture absorbs easily for an imperceptible finish. Skin is unclogged, purified, soothed and comfortable. This ultra-concentrated treatment can easily be added into skincare routines for teenagers and adults with clinically proven, immediate and long-lasting results IN 8 HOURS1 Visibly reduces spots IN 24 HOURS Reduces whiteheads2, blackheads2, pores2 and redness1 IN 7 DAYS Reduces marks2 and skin imperfections3 IN 28 DAYS2 Spots are reduced by 40.9% CONSUMERS ALREADY LOVE IT!4 95% said their skin was soothed and comfortable 95% said their skin texture was finer 91% said the product regulated excess sebum 91% said their skin was mattified, hydrated and more radiant Non-comedogenic.





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