Intense Protect SPF 50+

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150 ml. - Intense Protect 50+ is an ultra-broad spectrum sun care product suitable for the most intense sun conditions, as well as the most vulnerable skin*. Its hybrid texture allows penetration in 3 seconds**, intense hydration for 8 hours*** and anti-drying action. Its "nude" shade offers a transparent, invisible finish, without white marks, even on dark skin. It is ultra-water-resistant and sweat-resistant. Intense Protect 50+ is suitable for babies from 6 months, children, pregnant women as well as post-surgical patients or post-reepidermization scars and tattoos. Its formula offers very high skin and eye tolerance. With only four filters, and a reduced concentration of sunscreens**** and no silicone, its formula was designed to limit the impact on the marine environment. The biodegradability***** of the formula is optimal. Its solar filters have been tested by an independent laboratory which demonstrated the absence of impact on a species of coral, a species of phytoplankton, a species of zooplankton, key organisms of the marine environment******.





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