Fitonasal Pediatric Spray



125 ml. - Fitonasal Pediatric is a decongestant specifically formulated to free children's nostrils in the event of congestion and irritation of the nasal cavities as a result of the flu, common cold, allergic rhinitis and acute or chronic sinusitis. Fitonasal Pediatric acts thanks to TANNISAL, a molecular complex with tannins and salgemma that interacts with the nasal mucosa to provide: A decongestant effect: - thanks to its balanced osmolarity, which helps draw water from congested tissues without irritating or drying out the mucosa. A protective effect on the mucosa thanks to the formation of a mucoadhesive layer and to its antioxidant properties In addition, by producing a continuous flow of nebulised material, the product has a deep cleansing effect on the nasal cavities, which removes the excess mucus along with any pathogens, irritants and allergens trapped inside (viruses, bacteria, smoke, smog, pollen grains, irritants, etc.). This effect is useful in infants who are unable to blow their noses and in children who do not blow their noses properly. These properties make Fitonasal Pediatric suitable for coughs caused by retro-nasal drip. When mucus stagnates in the nasal cavities with microorganisms and allergens present, retro-nasal drip can trigger a cough and other problems such as a sore throat and otitis media. Fitonasal Pediatric does not contain vasocontrictor decongestants and, thanks to its non-pharmacological mechanism of action, does not dry out or irritate the nasal mucosa and can be used frequently, including for extended periods of time. In infants and children, use of the product makes breathing easier and facilitates restful sleep.





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