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15 ml. - DENSITIUM Eye Cream has been specially formulated to support skin through the changes of menopause and to correct the delicate and overused skin around the eyes. At this time of life, skin becomes thinner and slackens, expression wrinkles are deeper, and dark circles and under-eye bags are more visible. As effective as it is luxurious, DENSITIUM Eye Cream is formulated around a comprehensive core complex: Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid and bio-calcium, actives that have always been at the heart of this range, to deliver long-lasting hydration and reidentify skin for more defined features. Probiotics and a pair of amino acids even out and brighten skin around the eyes. The formula is enriched with tetrapeptides and goji berries for a smoothing action: skin is uncreased, dark circles and bags are reduced. The innovative texture with a smoothing and tightening effect moisturises, revitalises and opens the eyes. Plus! An eco-designed product: 94% ingredients of natural origins and attractive packaging with a 100% recyclable glass pot. Proven to be effective in two months: 31% reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles* 22% reduction in dark circles* 22% reduction in under-eye bags*





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