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40 ml. - SVR Cicavit + SPF50+ Scar, Wound & Tattoo Precision Protection Sunscreen is ideal for anyone with damaged, irritated or hyper-sensitized skin resulting from anything ranging from post-surgical scarring, cuts, grazes, tattoos or even hormonally-induced pigmentation. This compromised skin is immediately more vulnerable and photosensitive, and therefore prone to further damage if exposed to sunlight. Cicavit+'s high-performance sunscreen safeguards the skin while simultaneously providing relief from irritation in the short term and promoting longer-term skin-healing. This treatment is suitable for face and body, and is formulated with babies (from new-born), children as well as adults in mind. High Precision + High Protection: This very high broad-spectrum protection is delivered through an ultra-fine, high-precision application nozzle so that just the areas of concern can be targeted with ease and accuracy. No more white-halo from sunscreen sliding off the area of concern. The SPF 50+ formula protects against UVA, UVB, while its anti-oxidant complex also protects against infrared and visible light, thus targeting all types of rays (2) to limit the formation of red patches and pigmentation marks. Protect + Restore: Powerful SPF 50+ protection is combined with soothing and reparative ingredients that accelerate the restoration and repair of damaged skin, 7x faster (1) than normal. Meanwhile, a polysaccharide and a prebiotic work to prevent the adhesion of bacteria, and keep the balance of the skin flora optimal for healing and optimal skin health. Invisible, melt-in, hydrating shield. No white marks, non-sticky, non-greasy finish. Waterproof. Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested.





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