CICAVIT+ Repairing Hand Cream

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75 ml. - CICAVIT+ Repairing Hand Cream is for people who want to repair and protect their hands without having to interrupt their activity, such as manual and household tasks, even in changing temperatures and when skin is stressed. It is also suitable for people who suffer from dermatitis (flaking, cracked skin, etc.) who want a daily product to soothe irritation with long-lasting results. More generally, it is ideal for hands with damaged skin and severe dryness, to improve skin quality and ease discomfort. Hands are constantly vulnerable to damage through repeated washing, rubbing, exposure to chemicals in products at home and at work, and more. As a result, the skin become ultra-dry, cracked and irritated, and hands can even become less mobile. CICAVIT+ Repairing Hand Cream intensely nourishes and repairs the skin on hands and provides invisible protection for eight hours. Damaged and hard-working hands are constantly protected against all external aggressors such as rubbing, washing and chemical exposure. Its creamy texture allows you to resume your activities immediately after application. More! The silicone-free formula contains more than 96% ingredients from natural sources, and comes in lightweight ultra-thin packaging - we have reduced the plastic used by 30%. The tube is made from 38% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable! PROVEN EFFICACY UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL: • 8-hour hydration 1 • 43% less dryness 2 • 136% softer 2 • 100% said their hands were immediately soothed 3 • 100% said the product created an invisible barrier film 3 • 95% said their hands were repaired with long-lasting results 3





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