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10 gr. - Contrary to popular belief, chapped and dry lips are not only caused by the cold. There are many other reasons lips become damaged, including medical treatments, allergies, pollution, sun exposure, dehydration and smoking. Lips become dry, cracked and sore, even after repeated application of lip balm. Like the rest of our skin, lips need special attention with specially formulated treatments. CICAVIT+ Lip Balm is your new daily ally to care for your lips. It leaves a protective film against all types of external aggressors. Formulated with a concentrated repairing active and made from 99% naturally-derived ingredients, CICAVIT+ Lip Balm hydrates and helps heal the skin barrier. Lips are repaired, nourished and comfortable. The balm texture is easy to apply, transparent and non-sticky. His gesture for the planet: his tube is made of 25% recycled plastic, and is 100% recyclable. PROVEN EFFICACY UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL: Repairing and smoothing effect: 97% USERS LOVE IT!** More than 9 out of 10 users find it more effective than their usual lip care product. - 95%:irritation is reduced - 91%: lips are less chapped - 91%: lips are nourished, soothed and regenerated





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