CICAVIT DM+ Cicatrices

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15 gr. - Medical product indicated for treating local and extended scars caused by skin lesions following dermatological treatments or surgery (closed wounds) or second-degree superficial burns (laser, radiotherapy). Adults. Face, body, joints, mobile areas. What type of scars? After wound closure and removal of stitches, sutures and strips, if applicable: after the use of sutures (following a fracture, road accident, domestic accident, cosmetic surgery, etc.); after a second-degree superficial burn caused by prolonged contact with a hot or cold substance (water, hot oil, fire, hot plastic, ice, etc.); after a caesarean section; after radiodermatitis; after a thyroidectomy; after ear pinning surgery; after laser tattoo removal; after radiofrequency mole removal; after laser hair removal that was too intensive or too localised, etc. Every year, more than 100 million1 patients develop scars, and around 4 million1 burn scars are caused, 70% on children. To help people feel comfortable in their skin with scars, SVR has developed its second medical product in compliance with international clinical recommendations: “silicones are recommended as a first line treatment for the initial management of all scars and for the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars.”2 The formula is highly concentrated in rigorously selected silicones. Its non-greasy, non-sticky gel texture forms a semi-occlusive, invisible film to provide a barrier protection: - Maintains a humid environment that favours scar healing - Immediately soothes and calms itching - Reduces redness and tightness - Reduces and prevents the formation of red, thick, rigid scars - Flattens and smooths scars - Makes scars less visible PATIENTS AGREE IT WAS EFFECTIVE! - 100%3: scars softened - 100%4: scars less visible - 100%4: scars smoothed - 100%5: prevents red and swollen scars






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