Avonex 30 MCG solution for injection in pre-filled pen

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4 pre-filled pens - Avonex is a medicine used to treat: patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a disease in which inflammation damages the protective insulation around nerves (demyelination) as well as the nerves themselves. In relapsing MS, the patient has attacks (relapses) between periods with no symptoms. Avonex slows the progression of disability and reduces the number of relapses; patients who have had a single attack of demyelination, when this is severe enough to need treatment with injectable corticosteroids (anti‑inflammatory medicines). It is used when the patient is considered to be at high risk of developing MS. Before using Avonex, doctors need to exclude other causes for the symptoms. Avonex contains the active substance interferon beta-1a.

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