Avène Thermal Water Spray

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The Thermal Water Spray immediately soothes sensitive, irritated or allergic-prone skin. Avène Thermal Spring Water, rich in more than half a century, is loaded with minerals and trace elements to achieve an optimal mineral balance and a specific microflora which gives it its unique and exceptional character. , capable of soothing the skin, without drying it out, so it becomes the center of the care routine. Its richness in silica provides softness and comfort, for immediate well-being with each application. The Thermal Water Spray is used every day, after cleansing the face, to remove residual impurities. Applied before treatments, it prepares the skin and facilitates their application. After use, discomfort, redness, itching and tightness of the skin are immediately soothed. Also ideal in case of heat, it allows you to refresh and soothe without drying out the skin. The Thermal Water Spray can be used on the face and body of the whole family, for soothed, strengthened and healthy skin.




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