Ampoule Relax

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15 ml. - This oleogel night serum soothes, relaxes and helps regenerate the skin around the eye. The exclusive GABA-enriched formula acts as a skin relaxant to de-crumple and tone skin. The eye area looks rested, while wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed. The formula incorporates a post-biotic, and combined with massage it encourages micro-circulation to significantly correct dark circles and under-eye bags. Plus, it comes with an innovative applicator! The pipette is designed to massage the product directly into the targeted area for an instant comforting effect, maximising the relaxing action. No more tired-looking eyes and deep wrinkles on waking – the eye area is regenerated, rested and smoothed, like after a long restorative sleep. No more tired eyes and marked wrinkles in the morning, the eyes are regenerated, rested and smoothed as after a long night's restorative sleep. PROVEN EFFICACY ON SENSITIVE SKIN AROUND THE EYES: -• -15% reduces the surface area and colour of dark circles (1) -• -14% reduces pockets(1) -• -17% reduces crow's feet wrinkles(1) -• +23% smooths the look(2)





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